Georgia Investment Network


"We have already had one investor for $25K, and another who is very involved in the food business, who could be a funder on a much larger level. So we are very pleased, and offer our thanks."
Bruce J.

Investor FAQ

Who can join?

We welcome angel investors, venture capital funds, and investment professionals with access to the funds that entrepreneurs may require. Our main prohibition is that you cannot request any up-front fees from entrepreneurs. Too many scams start in this manner and entrepreneurs are coming here with the expection of finding funding, not to provide it.

How do I join?

The first step is to complete our investor registration form with accurate information about yourself (i.e., your real name, your real address, and real phone numbers where we can reach you). If you make up contact information and submit that to us, there is a good chance we will detect the discrepencies and stop processing your application. Also, identify theft is a serious problem and we will often reach out to investors by email or phone after the application is submitted to us to make sure it was in fact you who submitted the application.

What are the costs?

There are no costs for investors to join and use our service. The entrepreneur is required to pay a one-time referral fee to obtain contact information for investors who express interest in their proposal. The entrepreneur can also pay our premium service fee which allows them to create an enhanced proposal with featured placement on the site and immediate access to contact information for any investor who expresses interest in their proposal.

How do I contact entrepreneurs regarding their investment proposals?

When you are interested in connecting with an entrepreneur regarding their proposal we encourage you to login, click the "Contact" tab on the proposal, then click the "Contact Entrepreneur" button. An email will be sent to the entrepreneur that includes anonymous details about you along with the profile you entered about yourself. If the entrepreneur has paid our referral or premium service fee, then they will obtain your preferred contact method details (email or phone) so they can initiate a dialog with you. If the entrpreneur has not paid any of our fees, then you will may have to wait until there is enough interest in their proposal to justify a payment.

Who are the Entrepreneurs?

The entrepreneurs are start-ups involved in a diverse range of businesses and more established business owners looking to expand or grow their business. Opportunities presented here include everything from technology startups, manufacturing companies, to real estate opportunities and everything in between. Many of the entrepreneurs found here are proficient in their particular field of expertise but may be more inexperienced in the realm of finance so an extra dose of patience and understanding may be required.

In addition to receiving dealflow from entrepreneurs who register on this site, you can also choose to recieve dealflow from entrepreneurs from any of our partner sites.

How does this service work?

The first step is to register as an investor on the site for no fee. During the registration process you are asked to specify your investment preferences (investment range, industry preferences, regional preferences). As new proposals are submitted and approved, our matching algorithm determines whether the proposal fits your investment criteria and notifies you by email if it does. Each email includes some details about the proposal along with a link to our website that allows you to view further details of any opportunity that interests you and to initiate contact with the corresponding entrepeneur if you choose to do so. If the entrepreneur subsequently chooses to respond, you will be notified via your preferred contact method (email or phone). At that point, you can then decide whether you wish to review the entire business plan and possibly even initiate the process of investing in the business. Our website also includes your investor login area which keeps track of all your own opportunities in an orderly, convenient fashion. It is strictly a matching service that offers quality opportunities to investors submitted by serious entrepreneurs.

I'm registered but I'm not getting any dealflow?

You are probably not recieving dealflow because your investment preferences are too narrow. If you only want investments from one region, one industry, and which fits a restrictred investment range, there is a good chance that you will only get sporadic dealflow notifications that match your investment criteria. If you want more dealflow, then consider adding more industries, regions, sites to your preferences and widening your investment range. This will increase dealflow.

How do I turn off emails?

You can login and under "Preferences" you can turn off emails. You can also reduce the number of emails you receive by narrowing your investment criteria (fewer industries, smaller investment range, fewer regions, fewer sites).

How is my privacy protected?

The site is hosted in a secure data center. The platform is proprietary and only our administrative and technical staff have access to your business or personal information. Your information is not offered to any third party for other purposes and the information you enter into the website is guaranteed to be kept confidential and private.

I have other questions, who do I contact?

You can use the contact us page to reach us by email or phone.

Featured Proposals

Healthcare Business Funding Opportunity

Opportunity to invest into a holistic healthcare business that will have a fitness studio, massage/spa, integrative pharmacy with minute clinic, pet store/spa, and healthy restaurant.



Major Production Studio, Network & National Box Office Acquisition

We are seeking to invest in and acquire a major studio and network with $200 billion. The projected revenue is over $740 billion over the course of the next 10 years.



Large Modern Venue/Nightclub in Athens, GA

I desire to take a previously well known, highly popular, and highly profitable venue location in downtown Athens, GA, fix-up, staff, and operate a modern entertainment/nightclub venue based on a sound and strategic business plan.



The All Inclusive Aquarium Company

All Inclusive Aquarium company that leases their aquariums to commercial businesses & High End residential.



Signature Shine Every Time

This is a great opportunity for investors to get on board with Shine and Wine, one of Atlanta's upscale carwash and detailing service with a dog park connected and a wine bar.



Start up funding for Bloomie Garden Cosmetics ( Health and Wellness)

Bloomie Garden Cosmetics provides high performance corrective and preventative products that restores, heals, and regenerates your overall health. After a few trial and errors I have discovered that using a holistic method to treat the human body whil



Wyndham Garden Hotel at Tifton North

31 North Capital Partners has formed Tifton North Hospitality, LLC, a Georgia-based single asset Limited Liability Company, to develop, own, and operate a 128-Room Wyndham Garden located in the Tifton North retail development in Tifton, Georgia.



Start Up Funding for next Big Apothecary Brand recently discovered by Shark Tank Casting & Zulily

Seeking ASAP capital to start up the next huge unique all natural and vegan brand designed,created and proudly made in the USA by a stay at home mom owned company. Shop discovered already by Shark Tank Casting and Zulily!